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For Founders

Investment: We invest up to 50,000€ in your pre-seed or seed round.

Operational Support: On-demand support with product-market fit and fundraising.

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how we work

  • PMF

    After committing our check we start supporting the investee on-demand with product-market fit and/or raising additional funds for the current round.

  • Follow-on

    When a new round is needed for growth, Enzo Ventures can support the fundraising through our VC network.

  • Flying

    At this point we're confident our investee won't need our support, thus, our hands-on work comes to an end.

Operational Support

Our Operating Partner's give on-demand operational support to our portfolio companies with product and go-to-market.

GEN Z Fund

The leading GEN Z fund with experienced and talented entrepreneurs from various industries.

First VC Check

We invest between 10,000€ - 50,000€ term-free in pre-seed or seed rounds adapting to the defined investment format.


Legaly based in Spain but investing in multiple countries across Europe.

Founding Partners

Operating Partners

Alex Huertas

Co-Founder, Northweek

Mario Brassesco

Venture Partner, Encomenda VC

Daniel Dippold

Co-Founder, Ewor

Roberto Ricci

Co-founder & CEO, Busrapido

Ben Nachoom

Founder & CEO, OneCoWork

Inés Arroyo

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Laagam

Ugo Annacchiarico

Co-Founder & COO Starbolt


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