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Guidance and resources. Leveraging our operating partner's enterprises, organisations, network, knowledge and experience, we work with you to find your product-market fit in a time record.

Investment. We invest up to 25,000€ in your startup. Always with a super founder-friendly terms.

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how enzo works

  • Idea stage

    Enzo co-invests in the pre-seed round with up to 50.000€ and we start supporting the investee to find product-market fit leveraging our Operating Partners.

  • Follow-on stage

    When product-market fit is found and a new round is needed for growth, we focus our support on a successful fundraising.

  • Flying stage

    Enzo can still support with product, market or funding if needed. Otherwise our hands-on work has come to an end.

Tailored Support

Entrepreneurship cannot be broken down theoretically. It needs to be learned through guided experience - and that's what our army of experts is here for. Interact with the operating partners based on mutual professional and personal fit.

Young Fund

We are a European, under 30 fund with experienced and talented entrepreneurs from various industries.

First Money

May it be that you are working on a tech-enabled product or an already market validated venture and are raising your pre-seed round, we're the right institutional investor for you.

Community Backed

Our community is global, bold and relevant. Thanks to our community partner 'Kairos Society Europe', the operating partners that will support your ventures have gone through a rigorous preselection mechanism.


Edgar Vicente

Founding Partner

Ivan Fernandez

Founding Partner

Markus Törstedt

Founding Partner

Operating Partners

Alex Huertas

Founder, Northweek | Forbes 30 U 30

Ammar Amdani

Co-founder & Managing Director, Adapt VC

Ben Nachoom

Founder & CEO, OneCoWork

Federico Richardson

Managing Partner, Lexidy Law Boutique

Ugo Annacchiarico

Founder & CEO, Starbolt

Daniel Dippold

Founder, EWOR & Kairos Society Europe

Inés Arroyo

Founder & Creative Director, Laagam | Forbes 30 U 30

Juan Pablo Carillo

Partner, Rebolet Deutschland


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