Enzo Ventures Team

Generational Proximity

Youngness in the tech sector is already a fact. We leverage our fresh culture to build close and transparent relationships with the founders we support.


We believe that the fastest and most sustainable way to scale businesses at inception stages is through synergies. Our Operating Partners will support you to find PMF following an on-demand format.  


End-to-End Backing

Enzo Ventures is eager to believe and back founders from the very beginning all the way to later stages.

Groundbreaking Companies

When market needs meet relentless founders, disruptive solutions enabled by technology emerge.

European Rockstars

 Heavy supporters of European talent. With our Spanish basis, we’re looking to back ventures across Europe.

Sector Agnostic

Either new or crowded markets, we look at every vertical that can change patterns in society, for good.

eli cruz
Elizabeth Cruz
Co-Founder & CEO

When we talked to Edgar for the first time, we realised that Enzo Ventures were the first investors to really understand our product. They gave us the confidence to close our first investment round with Next Commerce Accelerator, Athos Capital and Indico Capital Partners.

alvaro mancilla
Álvaro Mancilla
Co-Founder & CEO

To be honest, at first sight I was quite skeptical about Enzo Ventures, mainly because of their young age. After a couple meetings, I realized that they were offering value even before committing their check by, for instance, finding the right person to build synergies with regardless of the sector, expertise or stage.

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